This is the story of a Cuban immigrant family that had the dream to come to the united states and some day open a restaurant of their own.  It started in the early 80’s when the Dominguez family decided that they would embark on a journey that would take them to the United States.

With the sorrow of leaving friends and family behind to start a new life, they new that the sacrifice would be great, but the rewards would be even greater for their family.

With the family recipes in hand, they decided that they would add a different flare to the Tex Mex market in Atlanta. With many Cuban inspired recipes, they decided the would open the first infused Mexican/Cuban restaurant in Vinnings Ga,. The concept has been a tremendous success and the core family values have never changed, Friends, Family and Food have been the recipe for success for El Sol Mexican Restaurant.

With the “ Always Fresh “ attitude from our chefs to our service team, we welcome you and your family to our house…         

The new tradition in Mexican food with a Latin Twist. We’re very happy that you’re here with us and grateful that you’ve chosen El Sol Mexican Bar & Grill for a delicious meal.
But we don’t want to just tell your how much we appreciate your being here, we want to show you with great service, delicious dishes and genuine hospitality.